Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 14, Issue 6 (June 1979)

Historical Review of So Called “Simple Ulcer” of the Intestine T. Muto 1 1The 1st Dept. of Surgery, Univ. of Tokyo pp.738-748
Published Date 1979/6/25
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 ‘Simple ulcer’ of the intestine has many synonyms such as ‘primary ulcer’,‘idiopathic ulcer’,‘nonspecific ulcer',‘benign ulcer’ and combination of these terms. It has been believed that French pathologist J. Cruveilhier is the first to discribe this peculiar disease in 19th century. Reading his original article, he seems to has noticed and discribed this condition although the drawings in his book does not seem to be identical to so called “simple ulcer” in recent meaning.

 Applying the criteria of Cade (1913) and Grasmann (1925); ‘sharp-bordered, solitary ulceration with no surrounding inflammation of unknown cause, indefinite pathogenesis, and acute or chronic course’, variety of abnormal conditions with ulceration could be included under this term. By reviewing a large number of literature it became clear that ‘simple ulcer’ probably included recently established disease entity such as ischemic entero-colitis and Behçet entero-colitis. However, after excluding these conditions from ‘simple ulcer’ there still exist svariable ulcerating lesions of the intestine with unknown cause, among which there is a particular type of cecal ulcer with characteristic appearances, being most common type of “simple ulcer” in Japan unlike in western countries. Although ‘simple ulcer’ does not seem to be a definite disease entity, this punched ulcer of the cecum appears to be a disease entity and it was recommended to separate this condition as a narrow category of so called “simple ulcer” from a wide category of ‘simple ulcer’. As to the spectrum of ‘simple ulcer’ of the small bowel we do not have enough experiences to make narrow category as in the large bowel yet. As ‘simple ulcer’ of the intestie is rather rare condition, it is most important for us to cooperate to collect cases in order to know its clinical and histological spectrum more precisely.

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