Crohn's Disease in the Course of Follow-up for 11 Years after Operation, Report of a Case N. Tomizawa 1 , R. Narisawa 2 1The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Niigata University, School of Medicine 2The First Department of Pathology, Niigata University, School of Medicine pp.337-340
Published Date 1984/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106984
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 The patient, a 53 year-old woman, had an onset with right lower abdominal pain in January 1972 and underwent laparotomy for ileac symptom in September of the same year. She was diagnosed to have an ulcer of the small bowel and underwent a resection of 80 cm of the length of the ileum. However, the lesion recurred three years later so that she has been in the course of follow-up consecutively for 11 years since operation.

 The following points were recognized.

 (1) Lesions of recurrence existed in the ileum of the anal part of anastomosis for previous resection. Shallow irregularly-shaped and semicircular ulcers were seen here and there together with longitudinal ulcers or cobblestone appearance.

 (2) There was little change in the value of C-reactive protein or white blood cell count. Therefore it was indispensable to understand the condition of the disease by means of x-ray and endoscopy.

 (3) Since 1979, no disappearance of subjective symptom has been recognized and also the lesion showed no remission during morphological observation.

 (4) It was necessary some time to give her intravenous hyperalimentation by admission because in the outpatient clinic, malnutrition resulted and anemia progressed gradually.

 (5) Stenotic change was seen in the regions where the lesion was located and the dilatation of the bowel of the oral side of the stenotic lesion became clearer gradually showing the possibility of re-operation.

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