Atypical Epithelium Preoperatively Diagnosed As an Early Gastric Cancer Type Ⅱa+Ⅱc, Report of a Case N. Shigaki 1 , Y. Izumi 2 , H. Suko 2 , B. Kawahara 2 , S. Suko 3 1Department of Surgery, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital 2Department of Gastroenterology, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital 3Department of Pathology, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital pp.71-76
Published Date 1984/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106933
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 A 51-year-old man visited our hospital for a detailed examination after an abnormality was detected in his stomach at a gastric mass survey.

 The double contrast and the compression study of the stomach showed a round and slightly elevated lesion, with irregularly-shaped depression in its center, on the greater curvature of the antrum. Endoscopy revealed an irregularly-shaped depression surrounded by slightly elevated lesion without erosion or redness on its surface.

 With preoperative diagnosis of an early gastric cancer of type Ⅱa+Ⅱc, gastrectomy was carried out. By its histopathological examination, it was diagnosed as atypical epithelium.

 We reviewed macroscopic diagnosis of this case, and concluded as follows:  1. It is important to take an enface picture in double contrast study or in various hard compression study to express the surface of the lesion.

 2. The absence of erosion on the surface of the lesion suggested its benignancy.

 3. An accurate biopsy with enough and undamaged specimen is important to diagnose a lesion histologically.

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