Pseudomalignant Erosion at the Esophago-Gastric Junction, Report of Four Cases Hidemi Takasaki 1 , Kenji Kashima 2 , Shigeo Yokoyama 3 , Yuzo Uchida 1 , Iwao Nakayama 2 1The Second Department of Surgery, Oita Medical University 2The First Department of Pathology, Oita Medical University 3Department of LAboratory Medicine, Oita Medical University Keyword: pseudomalignant erosion , E-C junction pp.593-596
Published Date 1993/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106175
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 Four cases of pseudomalignant erosion occurred at the esophago-gastric junction (ECJ) were described. All of the patients complained of no symptom at the medical check-up, in which upper gastrointestinal x-ray series or endoscopic examination revealed a small polypoid lesion at ECJ. Histologically, biopsy or polypectomy specimens of all cases were entirely covered by normal stratified squamous epithelium, except for erosive lesions comprising not only granulation tissue with some inflammatory cells but also large cells resembling histiocytes or endothelial cells with severe atypism and mitoses. These atypical cells were immunohistochemically positive only for vimentin, and were negative for other tumor makers useful in identificating tumor cell origin. Thus, these cases were diagnosed as pseudomalignant erosion and have shown no reccurrence of the lesions until now.

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