Malignant Melanoma in the Esophagus and Stomach, Report of a Case Seiya Ishibashi 1 , Takaho Tanaka 1 , Ryuichiro Maekawa 2 , Yasuhiro Ohmori 1 , Kohta Yatsuka 1 1Department of Surgery, Social Insurance Tagawa Hospital 2Department of Internal Medicine, Social Insurance Tagawa Hospital Keyword: 悪性黒色腫 , 食道悪性黒色腫 pp.1135-1140
Published Date 1997/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104985
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 Malignant melanoma in the esophagus in an infrequent primary neoplasm and has been reported in less than 50 cases. Also only one case of a primary gastric melanoma has been reported in the Japanese literature. Here we report a rare case of malignant melanoma, in which the primary site, either in the esophagus or sto-mach, could not be determinated.

 A 48-year-old male visited our hospital complaining of upper abdominal pain. The findings from esophagogastroscopy confirmed a dark elevated smooth-surface tumor surrounded by dark spots, just above the esophago-gastric junction. The fundic lesion was found to be a submucosal tumor with a grayish ulcer and another submucosal tumor the size of the tip of the little finger with a central depression was also found on the gastric greater curvature. The biopsy specimens from the tumors in the gastric fundus were diagnosed as being malignant melanomas. Lower esophagectomy, total gas-trectomy with splenectomy and second level lymph node dissection were carried out.

 Four courses of DVA chemotherapy were used following the surgery. However, metastasis to the liver was found to have occured a year and two months following the surgery. The patient died of liver insufficiency two years and one month after the operation.

 The lower esophagus was suspected to be the primary site of cancer because the pathological findings revealed junctional changes and esophageal melanocytosis in the resected esophagus. However the possibility of the tumor having originated in the stomach could not be eliminated. We discussed and reviewed this rare unusual case.

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