Cap Polyposis: Clinical Features and Courses Nobuo Hiwatashi 1 1Colorectal Center, Japanese Red Cross Sendai Hospital Keyword: cap polyposis , 粘膜脱症候群 , 低蛋白血症 , 排便習慣 pp.695-705
Published Date 2002/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103514
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 We have encountered four cases with cap polyposis. They consisted of 4 women of mixed ages. Three patients had diarrhea and bloody stools at onset time and the other one had constipation.

 The endoscopic view at onset time was spots of redness with edema. characteristic laboratory data were hypoproteinemia due to protein losing enteropathy and no abnormal inflammatory parameters. Main lesions were in the area from the rectum to the sigmoid colon, and presented two endoscopic findings, namely, multiple dark-red sessile~semipedunculated polyps covered with fiblinopurulent cap and flat elevations with red depression surrounded with white plaques. Histological findings of both polyps showed elongated, tortuous and distended glands and inflammatory infiltration of cells covered by a ‘cap’ of inflammatory granulation tissue. One patient was cured successfully by avoidance of straining during defecation. Another one showed good response to steroid enema. Another one had recurrence after double-barreled transverse colostomy. The remaining one had a good response to loop ileostomy, but she had severe relapse after catching a common cold, and total proctocolectomy had to be performed.

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