Treatment of Recurrence or Residual Lesions after EMR for Early Gastric Cancer Minoru Kawaguchi 1,2 1International University of Health and Welfare, San-no Satellite Hospital Keyword: EMR , 遺残癌 , 遺残再発癌 , 他部位再発癌 , 再EMR pp.1647-1655
Published Date 2001/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103388
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 This paper deals with therapeutic policy for recurrence or residual lesions after EMR for early gastric cancers, as well as the treatment methods and therapeutic outcome. EMR was conducted for 266 lesions in 235 patients. The complete resection rate was 64.7%. Additional endoscopic treatment and surgical resection were conducted for 69 and 15, respectively, of the 94 residual lesions. Ten residual lesions were left untreated. The efficacy rate for additional endoscopic treatment was 92.8%. This treatment was conducted for residual lesions present in a relatively narrow area if the depth of invasion was M. Surgical treatment was undertaken for SM1-β or deeper residual lesions present in a wide area. Five of the 94 (5.3%) retreated lesions recurred, but 4 of them were resected by EMR. Surgical treatment was undertaken for cancers which recurred at other sites in 2 patients. Our experience stresses the importance of careful diagnosis prior to EMR, aggressive additional treatment for residual lesions, and close post-treatment monitoring after EMR for early gastric cancer.

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