Rectal Submucosal Carcinoma Recurred in the Pelvis Eight Years after Polypectomy, Report of a Case Keiji Matsuda 1 , Tadahiko Masaki 1 , Tadashi Yokoyama 1 1The Department of Surgical Oncololgy, The University of Tokyo Keyword: 大腸癌 , 直腸sm癌 , 内視鏡的切除 , 局所再発 , 化学療法/放射線治療 pp.811-815
Published Date 1999/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103071
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 A 38-year-old man received polypectomy for a broad based polyp, 8 mm in size, in the lower rectum by colonoscopy. A second-time polypectomy was performed for residual polyp. The histological examination revealed adenocarcinoma with positive cut margin. Local excision was performed, but no cancer was detected in the surgical specimen. Eight years after the operation, a recurrent lesion, 8 cm in size, was detected in the pelvis. Re-examination of the second-time polypectomy specimen revealed carcinoma cells in a lymph follicle in the submucosal layer. Chemotherapy and irradiation have reduced the recurrent lesion from 8 cm to 5 cm, and the patient has survived more than three years after the discovery of the local recurrence. It is suggested that close communication between pathologists and surgeons should be employed in the making decision whether colorectal submucosal carcinoma has been cured or not.

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