Granular Cell Tumor of the Rectum, Report of a Case Hiroshi Akuzawa 1 , Akira Ogawa 2 , Shirou Sugihara 2 , Toshikazu Akiya 1 , Shousaburou Sakaue 3 1Department of Internal Medicine, Gunma Cancer Center 2Department of Pathology, Gunma Cancer Center 3Department of Surgery, Gunma Cancer Center Keyword: 顆粒細胞腫 , 直腸 , S-100蛋白染色 pp.567-570
Published Date 1991/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102541
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 A case of granular cell tumor was reported. The patient was a forty-three year-old male, who complained of melena and lower abdominal pain. A small submucosal tumor of the lower posterior rectum was diagnosed by digital examination, barium examination(Fig.1)and colonoscopy(Fig.2). Surgical local resection through the anus was carried out. The tumor was 15 mm in diameter, the cut section was yelowish-white(Fig.3). HE staining of the tumor showed fine granules in the cytoplasm(Fig.5). Using immunohistochemical study, the tumor cells were to be positively stained by S-100 protein(Fig.6)and negatively stained by desmin.

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