Depth of Superficial Esophageal Cancer Invasion Shown by Endoscopic Ultrasonography(EUS) Yoko Murata 1 1Murata Clinic, Tokyo Keyword: 超音波内視鏡(endoscopic ultrasonography;EUS) , 食道表在癌 , 食道癌深達度診断 pp.1723-1734
Published Date 2009/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101780
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 Method : A high frequency ultrasonic probe was passed through the endoscopic channel. Scanning was performed at the site of the endoscopic finding when the lesions were covered with water. T1a-EP cancer was diagnosed by endoscopic findings or magnified endoscopic findings better than by EUS. T1a-LPM was also diagnosed by magnified endoscopic findings, but EUS also gave precise diagnoses by delineating the muscuralis mucosea. The diagnoses of T1a-MM and T1b-SM1 by EUS were good. EUS especially gave better results in the differential diagnosis between T1b-SM2 and T1b-SM3.

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