Median Sternotomy (Re-do and Closure) Hironaga Ogawa 1 , Hirotsugu Fukuda 1 1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Dokkyo Medical University Keyword: median sternotomy , re-do sternotomy pp.749-751
Published Date 2019/9/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.15106/j_kyobu72_749
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Median sternotomy is a basic procedure in the cardiovascular surgery. Minimally invasive surgery (MICS) develops and becomes able to accomplish various operation on the cardiovascular surgery, but it cannot carry out all maneuvers. Medline incision is inferior at beauty and infection control than MICS. But medianstenotomy is still used widely. It’s provided good field of vision and the incision method that evade the complexity of the operation. It is vital to carry it out surely and carefully so that there are not later complications by mediansternotomy. It is necessary to be careful about the right ventricle injury the case of the redo-sternotomy.

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