Causal Relationship between Spirituality and Spiritual Care of Nurses Involved in Caring for Terminal Cancer Patients Kaori Tauchi 1 , Midori Kamizato 2 1Gifu College of Nursing 2Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing Keyword: スピリチュアリティ , スピリチュアルケア , 終末期がん患者 , 看護師 , spirituality , spiritual care , terminal cancer patients , nurse pp.25-31
Published Date 2009/3/20
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 Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the causal relationship of spirituality to spiritual care among nurses.

 Methods: Anonymous, self-describing questionnaires were used for research on 295 nurses who were caring for terminal cancer patients. These questionnaires primarily consisted of a spiritual rating scale, a spiritual care scale, and basic nurse attributes.

 Results: For basic attributes, the average age was 30.6±8.1 years old, the average years of experience was 8.3±6.7 years, and the percentage of those who had a specific religion was 8.3% (Buddhism 2.6%, Christianity 2.2%, etc.).

 Ultimately, indication was made regarding a causal model of the relationship between spirituality and spiritual care. It was found that, by learning about spirituality and spiritual care, and gaining clinical experience, nurses were able to enrich both their values and their own sense of meaning in their work and lives. This leads to an enhanced sense of spirituality, which in turn contributes to performance of spiritual care.

 Discussion: Thus, it was indicated that spirituality is the most influential factor in spiritual care, and that nurses with a high sense of spirituality are more active and positive in their performance of this care. Therefore, it is believed that, by continuing to learn about spirituality and spiritual care while involved with the care of end-stage cancer patients, the nurses themselves find a sense of spirituality awakened within them, which enables them to take a more positive stance in spiritual care and its practice.

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