Investigation about problems of JRA children's activities at home & school : A preliminary survey for compiling a daily life guidebook Yuuko Kiyosawa 1 , Yasunori Sakamoto 2 , Mayumi Sawanaka 3 1Yokohama Brain & Stroke Center 2Yokohama City University Hospital 3Mihara Memorial Hospital Keyword: (若年牲関節リウマチ) , 日常生活指導 , 患者教育 , 日常生活 , (学校生活) , Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis , Daily life guidance , Patient education , School life pp.269-278
Published Date 2005/6/15
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 Purpose : The purpose of this study was to examine the difficulties that juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) students' have in activities at home and school, and to generate a daily-life guidebook for them in the future.

 Method : A questionnaire was mailed to parents of 75 JRA students (aged between 6 and 18 years), and they were asked about their children's conditions.

 Results : 1) Forty five percent of parents responded that there were some difficulties in bathing and toileting in their home activities. 2) Eighty percent of parents answered there were some difficulties in their school activities that increased as they progressed to each grade. 3) It was most difficult for elementary school students to attend outside classes (i.e., school excursions), and to help with meals and cleaning duties. By contrast, it was most difficult for junior and senior high school students to carry baggage, write, and sit for several hours. 4) Some junior and senior high school students had psychological problems.

 Conclusions : JRA students have more problems with their school activities than in their home activities. It is important for us to guide their home activities as well as their school activities, which become more complicated with each grade. Therefore, we should consider the differences between grades and be cognizant of potential psychological problems. Based on the present findings, we will publish a daily life guidebook for JRA students in the near future.

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