The processes involved in early job change among young speech-language-hearing therapists Yuka Sobue 1 , Noriko Haruhara 2 1Department of Rehabilitation, St.Marianna University School of Medicine, Toyoko Hospital 2Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mejiro University Keyword: 若手言語聴覚士 , 早期転職 , 修正版グラウンデッド・セオリー・アプローチ , M-GTA , young speech-language-hearing therapists , early job change , Modified-Grounded Theory Approach pp.351-359
Published Date 2019/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001200250
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 There have been few reports on the working conditions of young speech-language-hearing therapists (SLHTs) and the reasons they decide to switch employers early in their careers. This research aims to clarify the processes and factors leading to an early switch among SLHTs who have only a few years of work experience. We interviewed 8 young SLHTs who had changed their employer within three years of starting their first job as an SLHT. Using the modified grounded theory approach (M-GTA), we analyzed transcriptions of the interviews in order to identify reasons that led to their decisions. As a result, 18 concepts, 11 subcategories, and 6 categories were obtained from the transcription of 101,831 characters. The 6 categories were “previous job-hunting situation”, “hopes after finding employment”, “workplace situation leading to wishes for resignation”, “decision to leave”, “conflicting feelings about leaving”, and “desire for growth and progress”. The suggested causes of switching employer early were as follows:lack of promotion, work harassment, and desire for personal and professional growth. Targeted education in schools and workplaces, as well as the construction of a consulting system in the workplace, would appear to be important measures to prevent early resignation among young SLHTs.

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