Neurological Surgery No Shinkei Geka Volume 46, Issue 8 (August 2018)

A Case of Male Breast Cancer with Brain Metastasis 24 Years after a Mastectomy Yutaka FUCHINOUE 1 , Yasuhiro NODE 1 , Hiroyuki MASUDA 1 , Kosuke KONDO 1 , Naoyuki HARADA 1 , Masaaki NEMOTO 1 , Nobuo SUGO 1 1Department of Neurosurgery(Omori), School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University Keyword: male , brain metastasis , breast cancer , recurrence , male breast cancer pp.683-689
Published Date 2018/8/10
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 Male breast cancer accounts for less than 1.0% of all breast cancer cases, and its brain metastasis is very rare. We encountered a male patient in whom brain metastasis occurred more than 20 years after the development of breast cancer.

 The patient was a 78-year-old male who underwent surgery for right breast cancer 24 years ago. Nausea and anorexia had appeared 2 months earlier, and the patient was referred to our department because a brain tumor was suspected on MRI. A 4×4-cm tumorous lesion was observed in the right temporal lobe, and it was heterogeneously enhanced with gadolinium. Suspecting a metastatic brain tumor, tumor resection with craniotomy was performed. Through pathological examination, the patient was diagnosed with brain metastasis of the breast cancer. Whole-brain irradiation was additionally performed. The patient recovered smoothly without neurological deficit and was discharged. No intracranial recurrence was noted on follow-up imaging, but the general condition aggravated, and the patient died after 13 months.

 Breast cancer in males may metastasize to the brain after a prolonged period in rare cases, for which follow-up examinations by imaging may be necessary.

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Neurological Surgery 脳神経外科
46巻8号 (2018年8月)
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