Stent-assisted Coiling of an Acutely Ruptured Large Aneurysm of the Internal Carotid Artery : Case Report Osamu TONE 1 , Hiroki TOMITA 1 , Masashi TAMAKI 1 , Hideaki AKIMOTO 1 , Keigo SHIGETA 1 , Mutsumi FUJII 1 1Department of Neurosurgery,Musashino Red Cross Hospital Keyword: large cerebral aneurysm , subarachnoid hemorrhage , stent-assisted coiling , coronary stent , Guglielmi detachable coil pp.505-511
Published Date 2006/5/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1436100190
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A 48-year-old female was referred to our hospital for the management of a ruptured 22-mm-diameter internal carotid aneurysm,located immediately distal to the ophthalmic artery. The right internal carotid artery was completely involved in the aneurysm. Because the right carotid siphon was relatively nontortuous stent-assisted coiling of the aneurysm was attempted 4 days after subarachnoid hemorrhage. A new coil-type coronary stent,a DRIVER stent,was deployed after microcatheter insertion into the aneurysm dome under systemic heparinization,followed by dome packing using Guglielmi detachable coils. Systemic heparinization was continued for 18 hours postoperatively,and aspirin (100 mg/day) was administered orally immediately after the embolization. However,4 hours after heparin administration cessation,left hemiparesis became apparent. Immediate magnetic resonance angiography revealed a right internal carotid artery occlusion. Diffusion-weighted images demonstrated ischemic spots in the watershed zones of the right cerebral hemisphere. Following an immediate thrombolysis of the right internal carotid artery,systemic heparinization was continued for 5 days,and aspirin and ticlopidine were administrated orally. The patient was discharged on day 37,following the recovery from left hemiparesis within ten days. A DRIVER stent is a low profile coil-type coronary stent,which can be used for the stent-assisted coiling of large internal carotid aneurysms,located distal to the carotid siphon. It seems necessary to continue systemic heparinization for more than 2 days and to administer increased dose or two types of antiplatelet after the stent-assisted coiling of large cerebral aneurysms.

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