Kokyu to Junkan Volume 49, Issue 2 (February 2001)

A Case of Isolated Idiopathic Tricuspid Valve Prolapse Akira Yoshimura 1 , Hiroshi Nanimatsu 1 , Hirokuni Sumi 1 , Yasuhiro Hashiguchi 1 , Tetsuji Shinohara 1 , Kouhei Yamaguchi 1 , Hiroichirou Yamaguchi 2 , Hideto Yamauchi 2 , Yasushi Takeshita 3 1First Department of Internal Medicine, Oita Prefectural Hospital 2Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Oita Prefectural Hospital 3Department of Internal Medicine, Tsukumi Central Hospital Keyword: 孤立性三尖弁逸脱症 , うっ血性心不全 , 三尖弁置換術 , isolated tricuspid valve prolapse , congestive heart failure , tricuspid valve replacement pp.205-209
Published Date 2001/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404902248
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 A 70-year-old woman was admitted to the hospitalbecause of anasarca and dyspnea. Upon diagnosis ofcongestive heart failure (CHF) she was treated primarily with diuretics and her general condition improved.She was then transferred to our hospital so as to clarifythe basal disorder of the CHF. During physical examination, a holosystolic murmur was audible in the lower leftborder area of the sternum. Electrocardiogram revealedsinus rhythm and normal axis. The chest X-ray cardiothoracic ratio was 61%. While echocardiogram indicated severe tricuspid regurgitation and severe prolapse of the anterior leaflet of the tricuspid valve, therewere no abnormalities at the mitral, aortic, or pulmonary valves. Cardiac catheterization ruled out an atrialseptal defect as well as an Ebstein anomaly, but rightventriculography reveal third degree tricuspid valveregurgitation. During surgery, a rupture of the chordattached to the anterior leaflet of the tricuspid valvewas found and the valve was replaced. The patient hadno chest anomaly nor any history of chest injury. It cantherefore be concluded that this patient experiencedisolated tricuspid valve prolapse occurred withoutdefinite basal disorder, and, to our knowledge, therehave been few such reports.

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