Accuracy of Routine Radiography of the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer Kyoo Nanaumi 1 , Tetsuji Nakajima 1 1Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Toranomon Hospital pp.969-972
Published Date 1985/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109783
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 Authors researched on the actual state of radiography for 134 cases with gastric cancer, non-referred and resectable, and touched on one aspect of the accuracy of routine radiography for the diagnosis of gastric cancer.

 Gastric cancers detected by radiography intially were 80 cases and those detected by endoscopy initially were 54 cases. By routine radiography, it was possible to detect early gastric cancer more than 11 mm in size, but none of those more than 60 mm in size.

 Location and morphological characteristics of gastric cancers detected by radiography and endoscopy were evaluated but we were not able to point out particular differences, except that early gastric cancers under 20 mm in size in A‐area of AMC classification were detected mostly by endoscopy. It was found necessary to reconsider the rational distribution of examiners, in order to maintain high quality in examination by routine radiography.

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