Typical Linitis Plastica Type Carcinoma of the Stomach, Report of a Case Yoko Saitoh 1 , Shinichi Ban 1 , Kyoichi Nakamura 1 1Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba pp.1421-1426
Published Date 1989/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106648
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 A 60-year-old male was admitted to the hospital of Tsukuba University because of epigastric fullness and discomfort of two months' duration. Radiological figures were compatible with so-called leather bottle and endoscopical examinations revealed extremely decreased distensibility of the stomach. Total gastrectomy was performed.

 There were a minute depressed area with the longest diameter 5 mm in the anterior wall of the body and an erosive area measuring approximately 4.0×1.7 cm at the lesser curvature of the angle. The gastric wall was markedly thick with desmoplasia of adenocarcinoma.

 Histological examination of the minute depressed area showed mucocellular adenocarcinoma with a shallow ulceration (Ul-Ⅱ). This lesion was entirely surrounded with the fundic gland mucosa without intestinal metaplasia. There was a diffuse invasion of carcinoma cells involving most parts of the stomach measuring about 20×17 cm in dimension. The erosive area was a result of intramucosal spreading from the submucosal infiltration.

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