Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 30, Issue 11 (October 1995)

Superficial Esophageal Cancer (m1) Associated with Postoperative Achalasia of the Esophagus, Report of a Case Miwako Arima 1 , Teruo Kouzu 2 , Hideaki Arima 1 , Hajime Tanaka 1 , Etsuo Hishikawa 1 1The Second Department of Surgery, Chiba University School of Medicine 2Narutou General Hospital Keyword: 食道アカラシア , 食道癌 , 胃弁移植術 , 内視鏡診断 , 経過観察 pp.1379-1385
Published Date 1995/10/25
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 The patient was a 45-year-old female on whom lower esophageal myotomy for achalasia had been performed when she was 19 years old. At 42 years of age, lower esophagectomy and jejunum interportion had been performed for postoperative anastomotic stenosis with esophagitis. Every half year after the operation endoscopic examination was performed and esophagitis was well controlled. Three years after the second operation, a type Ⅱc esophageal cancer, 5 mm in size, appeared 24 cm from the incisors. Blunt esophagectomy and cervical esophago-ileostomy was performed. The cancer was 6.5 × 5.5 cm, m1, ly0, v0,. Endoscopically, the lesion was located at the opposite side of the most inflamed and erosive area of the esophagus observed at the second operation. On the occasion of this study 476 cases of achalasia presented at our institute from 1946 to 1995 were reviewed. Among them there were 24 cases of esophageal cancer. It is important to carry out long term and periodical endoscopic follow-up for achalasia.

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