Radiation Enterocolitis Tetsuya Aoki 1 , Kiyotaka Ookawa 1 , Toshihiro Tanaka 1 , Kouhei Kotani 1 , Nobuhiro Aizawa 1 , Saori Matsui 1 , Koji Sano 1 , Wataru Ueda 1 , Yuuki Kubo 2 , Ken Inoue 2 1Department of Gastroenterology, Osaka City General Hospital, Osaka, Japan 2Department of Pathology, Osaka City General Hospital, Osaka, Japan Keyword: 放射線性小腸炎 , リンパ管拡張症 , 蛋白漏出性胃腸症 pp.624-628
Published Date 2008/4/24
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101340
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 Radiation enterocolitis appears in about 1.5~12.0% of patients as a complication of radiation therapy delivered to a malignant tumor in the pelvis.

 Radiation enteritis is usually found in the rectum or in the sigmoid colon. Generally, because movability is abundant, the small intestines are not easily affected. However, the possibility of being affected rises when movability is limited by adhesion during postoperative radiation etc. We describe the frequency, the classification, the clinical features, diagnosis and treatments of enteritis brought about by radication.

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