The Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery Volume 71, Issue 13 (December 2018)

Tricuspid Valve Aneurysm Preoperatively Diagnosed with Right Atrial Tumor;Report of a Case Shoichiro Mizukami 1 , Hayato Ise 1 , Sentaro Nakanishi 1 , Natsuya Ishikawa 1 , Hiroyuki Kamiya 1 1Department of Cardiac Surgery, Asahikawa Medical University Keyword: tricuspid valve aneurysm , papillary fibroelastoma , cardiac tumor , infective endocarditis pp.1109-1113
Published Date 2018/12/1
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A 79-year-old woman visited a hospital with coronary vasospastic angina and supraventricular tachycardia. Periodic inspection of echocardiography suggested a right atrial tumor which was not pointed out 6 months ago, but magnetic resonance imaging suggested a valve aneurysm. These findings were contradictory. We preoperatively diagnosed a cardiac tumor because of its new onset and mobility. Tumor resection and valve repair was planned in consideration of the risk of embolism. As a result, we finally diagnosed tricuspid valve aneurysm from the intraoperative findings and histopathological findings. We assumed that valve aneurysm was formed in the healing process of subclinical infective endocarditis. It was inferred that preoperative diagnosis of valve aneurysm is very difficult.

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