Progress in pulling up and down trousers in the acute phase of stroke patients Shinichiro Bishago 1 , Yuko Imura 1 , Naoko Yamaguchi 1 , Ayumi Fujii 1 1Federation of National Public Services and Affiliated Personnel Mutual Aide Associations Mishuku Hospital Keyword: 脳卒中 , 排泄 , 早期作業療法 , 手すり , (練習) , Stroke , Excretion , Early occupational therapy , Handrail , Exercise pp.167-177
Published Date 2009/4/15
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 The aim of this study is to investigate the progress of practicing pulling up and down trousers using a handrail on the non-affected side in acute phase stroke patients. Our results suggest that stroke patients were not affected by higher cortical dysfunction. The MMT score on the quadriceps was 5, and they were independent in pulling up and down trousers at 1 week at Brunstromm stage 5, at 2〜3 weeks at Brunstromm stage 3 and 4, and at 6〜7 weeks at Brunstromm stage 1 and 2. Stroke patients are dependent in pulling up and down trousers in cases of higher cortical dysfunction. The progress of these cases should be followed as much as possible, and we have to develop independence in cases involving higher cortical dysfunction in the future.

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