Japanese Occupational Therapy Research Volume 34, Issue 5 (October 2015)

Effectiveness of the Management Tool for Daily Life Performance in occupational therapy on a patient with ALS Atsuko Kusuhara 1 , Tomoyo Ikeda 1 1National Hospital Organization Takamatsu Medical Center Keyword: ALS , 生活行為向上マネジメント , QOL , チーム医療 , Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , Management Tool for Daily Life Performance , Quality of life , Team approach to health care pp.555-563
Published Date 2015/10/15
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 Using Management Tool for Daily Life Performance (MTDLP), occupational therapy was carried out for an ALS patient with an attached respirator who wanted to take a bath in a normal bathtub which represented a meaningful activity. Incorporating a collaborative team of various professionals, the occupational therapist examined patient movements, developed assistance methods and adjusted the environment. Through minimum assistance by the team, achievement of actual bathing and satisfaction both improved. Due to utilizing MTDLP, successful collaborative occupational therapy was actualized, which led to improved patient QOL.

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34巻5号 (2015年10月)
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