Japanese Occupational Therapy Research Volume 31, Issue 3 (June 2012)

Reliability and validity of the Global Rating of Change Scale of upper extremity function in stroke patients Shogo Hiragami 1,2 , Yu Inoue 1,3 , Yukari Sato 4 , Kazuhiro Harada 5 , Koujiro Kagawa 4 1Research Institute of Health and Welfare, Kibi International University 2Department of Rehabilitation, Kurashiki Rehabilitation Hospital 3Department of Rehabilitation, Kurashiki Heisei Hospital 4Department of Welfare System and Health Science, Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University 5Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Kibi International University Keyword: 脳卒中 , 上肢機能 , 効果 , 自己評価 , Stroke , Upper extremity , Effectiveness , Self-rating pp.224-232
Published Date 2012/6/15
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 It is important to examine the patient oriented effectiveness of treatment in rehabilitation medicine. The aim of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of Global Rating of Change Scale (GRC) on the treatment effectiveness for post-stroke upper extremity dysfunctions. The first and second self-rating scores of the GRC closely paralleled each other (κ:0.74), and were closely related to the Fugl-Meyer Assessment, the Wolf Motor Function Test and the Motor activity log (ρ:0.74-0.84). These results provide preliminary support for test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of GRC for individuals after stroke.

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31巻3号 (2012年6月)
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