Published Date 1959/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.2425906075

 From the viewpoint that maintenance of a certain blood sugar level is an expresses one aspect of the homeostasis of the living body it is a prerequisite in pharmacological investi-gation of various hypoglycemic agents to elucidate the control mechanism of blood sugar. Now if this mechanism is assumed to be founded on the same principle as that of other physiological functions, it will theoretically consist of the following parts: 1) the regulat-ing center of blood sugar, 2) the route connecting the center and the peripheral organs, 3) the peripheral organs which uptake the sugar or output it, and 4) the mechanism which can discern the level of blood sugar. In the past works on the action mechanism of the hypoglycemic agent, there was tendency to place emphasis only on 3), and no agents acting on 1), 2) and 4) have ever been reported. In view of this, the author after general survey of physiological facts concerning these points, investigated, principally by seeking the effects of the autonomic ganglionic blocking agent, the route of transmission from the center. Sympathetico-adrenal system and vago-insulin system, which had hitherto been believed to be principal ones responsible for the control of blood sugar were assumed to be not specifically reacting systems for hyper-or hypoglycemia. Furthermore, by com-paring the effects of the autonomic ganglionic blocking agent and the adrenergic blocking agent, the author discussed the possibility of the presence of a system which will be inhi-bited by the ganglionic blocking agent, but not by the adrenergic blocking agent, and ano-ther system which is assumedly humoral-metabolic, and which is unaffected by these autonomic blocking agents.

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