Ⅱc Type Gastric Carcinoma of U-shape, Report of a Case Junji Yoshino 1 , Saburo Nakazawa 1 , Hirosato Ohta 1 , Tsuneya Nakamura 1 , Toshihiro Yamanaka 1 1The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Nagoya University School of Medicine pp.895-899
Published Date 1988/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108332
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 A 31-year-old woman was pointed out to have an abnormality at our gastric mass survey and received further examinations in January 1985. Roentgeno-graphic and endoscopic examinations revealed U-shaped depression in the anterior wall of the antrum. The lesion was demarcated by sharp and irregular margin. The area surrounded by U-shaped depression had normal structure of area gastricae as seen in the other area of the antrum. The lesion was diagnosed as the unusual form of Ⅱc type early carcinoma and the presence of adenocarcinoma was confirmed by biopsy. Subtotal gastrectomy was performed on April 10, 1985. Observation of the resected specimen showed lesion of U-shape, measuring 1.3×1.1 cm in size, in the anterior wall of the antrum. Cancer tissue, however, had not invaded in the area surrounded by U-shaped depression. Histological examination showed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma limited to the mucosal layer without lymph node metastasis.

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