Endoscopic Resection of Multiple (Two Simultaneously and One Later) Type Ⅱc Early Gastric Cancers, Report of a Case Shoji Ozawa 1 1Ozawa Gastrointestinal Clinic Keyword: 多発早期胃癌 , 内視鏡的切除 , 長期経過観察 pp.397-402
Published Date 1991/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102509
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 We report here diagnostic process of multiple(three) Ⅱc early gastric cancers and their treatment by endoscopic resection (ER) as well as clinical course in a 58year-old male physician (one of the authors). The patient was pointed out to have two lesions of type Ⅱc early cancer, one on the lesser curvature of the antrum and the other in the posterior wall of the mid-gastric body in January,1986.ER wassuccessfully performed by one of the authors(KT). Another early cancer developed three years later near the scar on the lesser curvature of the amrum. It was again resected endoscopically in March,1989. The patient is doing well now 4 years 6 months after the first ER.

 The importance of meticulous follow-up is emphasized since remnant, recurrent or multiple (at different time) cancer after ER is not rare.

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