A Case Report of Corrosive Gastritis Due to Formaldehyde Solution K. Nanaumi 1 , T. Shioya 1 , T. Kanaya 2 , T. Yamada 3 , H. Yamanobe 3 1Ota General Hospital pp.597-602
Published Date 1974/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111842
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 A patient with corrosive gastritis due to formaldehyde solution has been followed up for as long as one year and two months from the outset by examining with x-ray and endoscopy. Changes in the esophagus have been studied by x-ray alone. No stenosis due to scarring has been observed here all through the course of the disease.

 Roentgenographic findings: The initial examination(the fourth day of the disease) revealed stiffness of the stomach as a general impression, swollen mucosal folds, small barium flecks of irregular shape and increased mucus secretion. The second scrutiny(11th day) showed not only rugal swelling but also linear barium flecks with cracks in between, corresponding in site to the topmost parts of the mucosal folds, which were swollen all through the circumference of the wall of the body. From the third examination(18th day) on, nothing but linear barium flecks were seen in the body. Even at the seventh examination(328th day) slender linear barium flecks were recognized in the corpus.

 Endoscopic findings: The first endoscopy revealed edema and reddening over the entire mucosal surface, swollen folds, small flecks of white coat in the pyloric antrum and comb-like white coats in the entire circumference of the wail of the corpus, encircled with markedly reddened adjacent mucosa. The third examination(19th day) revealed no abnormality in the pyloric antrum, and the comb-like white coats in the body were narrowed in breadth. Since the fourth examination(35th day) up to the seventh(442nd day) these white coats remained as a slightly depressed, linear discolored areas, greyish white and yellow. No stenosis due to scarring was noticed all through the course of the disease.

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